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      Inductance winding process need to pay attention to matters

      Coil in the actual use of the process, there are a considerable number of varieties of inductance coil non-standard parts, are according to the need for targeted winding.

      When self-winding, the following points should be noted:

      (1) According to the needs of the circuit, the winding method is selected

      When winding the hollow inductance coil, the winding method should be determined according to the requirements of the circuit, the size of the inductance and the size of the coil skeleton diameter.

      Interwind coil is suitable for use in high frequency and ultra-high frequency circuits. When the number of turns is less than 3 to 5 turns, it can have better characteristics without skeleton. The Q value is higher, up to 150-400, and the stability is also very high.

      Single layer tightly wound coil is suitable for short wave and medium wave circuit, its Q value can reach 150-250, and has high stability.

      (2) to ensure the coil load and mechanical strength, the selection of appropriate lead

      The coil should not be wound with too thin wire, so as not to increase the coil resistance, so that the Q value is reduced.

      At the same time, the wire is too thin, its load and mechanical strength are small, easy to burn or break the line.

      Therefore, on the premise of ensuring the load and mechanical strength of the coil, the appropriate wire winding should be selected.

      (3) the winding coil taps should be clearly marked. The coil with taps should be clearly marked, so that it is convenient for installation and maintenance.

      (4) Coils with different frequency characteristics adopt magnetic cores of different materials

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