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      How to improve the quality of inductor coil

      Inductance coil with the continuous expansion of the market, its wide range of use, leading to the coil quality requirements are more and more high, so how to provide the quality of inductance coil?

      The following Youhui winding machine to tell you:

      To improve the quality of the coil first is to improve the coil Q value, then improve the Q value is to do the following measures :(Q value is the quality factor value)

      Select the wire of the winding coil according to the working frequency.

      Inductance coils working in low frequency band should be wound with enameled wire and other insulated conductors.

      For inductance coils whose working frequency is between tens of kHz and two MHz, multi-strand insulated conductors should be wound to increase the effective cross-sectional area of the conductor and reduce the effect of skin effect, which can increase the Q value by 30%-40%.

      For inductance coils whose working frequency is higher than 2MHz, single thick wire should be used for winding, and the diameter of the wire is generally between 0.3-1.5mm.

      ? Choose high quality skeleton to reduce medium loss.

      Usually, high frequency dielectric materials such as high frequency ceramics, polytetrafluoroethylene and polystyrene should be used as the skeleton for inductance coils that require low loss and high working frequency.

      For the inductance coil working at UHF, it can be wound without skeleton.

      The inductance coil with magnetic core is selected.

      When there is a magnetic core in the inductor coil, the number of loops and its resistance can be greatly reduced, which is beneficial to the increase of Q value.

      ? Reasonable choice of the size of the shielding cover.

      After the coil is shielded, the loss of the coil will be increased and the Q value will be reduced.

      Therefore, the size of the shield should not be too large and too small.

      In general, the ratio of the diameter of the shield to the diameter of the coil is 1.6-2.5, which can reduce the Q value by less than 10%.


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